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Universal Meeting Management, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Convention in Raleigh, NC

Universal Meeting Management’s MeetingSmart™ technology provides a complete project management system that automates all aspects of the meeting process from set-up to post-program reporting. Because it is a custom built application, it is designed to be flexible and evolve to meet changing business needs and specific client requests.

Attendee Portal

Through the invitational process, attendees register for a meeting and have access to all program information. This site is active until the close of the program allowing attendees to go back and reference important information at any time

Client Portal

Clients need data 24/7 and this provides an avenue to have real time information at your fingertips. The client portal provides a mechanism to review reports specifically designed for your strategic planning. 

Company Portal

For Procurement and Executive Management, annual spend and trends are critical to capital budget development and planning.  Reports are provided to track aggregate spend across all program types and departments. 

Custom Reporting
Because MeetingSmart™ is a custom built application, it is designed for clients’ diverse requirements. Whatever data you need, just ask. We will have our Systems Analyst and Report Specialist help determine the best approach and timeframe to build your custom reports.

For cost optimization, inquire about our opt in/opt out feature. 





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