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Universal Meeting Management, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Convention in Raleigh, NC

UMM delivers world-class meetings and events through an international network of resources and suppliers. This proven network allows us to execute your meeting or event with consistency and professionalism. Whether entertaining key customers in Tokyo, launching a new product in London, recognizing top level producers in Dubai, or sponsoring the World Cup, UMM reaches far beyond our borders.

Co-founded in 2006 by Kathy Truelove, President of UMM and Carey Barnes, President of Plan 365, this strategic partner provides comprehensive services that support the implementation and oversight of client go-to-market strategies where it matters most…at the field level.

Plan 365 specializes in scalable, promotional, and educational programs with built-in performance management and compliance accountability. Together UMM and Plan 365 offer a comprehensive range of tightly integrated program and meeting management services. Their best-in-class service models simplify brand strategy implementation and unify performance management and reporting.

For more information on Plan 365, please visit their website: www.plan365inc.com.


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